Finding Balance

imgp3238-2     We live in a busy world where multitasking and juggling several roles at once, such as: parent; spouse; friend; and career, have become the norm. Sometimes in the monotony of the rat race it can be challenging to find balance. And to find purpose. Taking the time for self-care is not a luxury, it is a necessity. Finding balance in the roles that we fulfill, the time that we spend, and in most importantly in ourselves, can be a tall and stressful order to fill.

     With the professional guidance of a Life Coach we can learn how to find out which areas in our lives are lacking right now, and which areas need more of our attention. As we learn to prioritize our needs and wants, releasing what no longer serves us, we can create and follow a plan of action to make the necessary changes in our lives so that we can move forward while finding greater peace. It is here we find a sense of balance. This invites well-being and overall happiness in our path to success.

Christine Losciale-Thoemmes BS, MA, CPC

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