What Does a Life Coach Do?…

A Life Coach can help clients discover their true-selves, and set them on a direct path for success. A Life Coach also assists clients in creating a clear vision of their goals; empowers clients with the proper exercises, techniques and tools that will enable them to follow the appropriate steps to achieve their individualized goals;and helps clients to identify and overcome obstacles to ensure their success.
The relationship between the Life Coach and their client is finite. It is not meant to last for years on end, as it might with a therapist. A Life Coach teaches skills, is motivating, and holds their clients accountable. The goal of the coach is to assist their client in achieving success on the most direct and focused path possible.
A Life Coach and client will generally meet once a week, either in person, by phone, or using Skype/video chat. The duration of the relationship will generally last anywhere from 2-3 months to a year, depending on the goals the client has in mind.
Many studies have been done supporting the positive outcome of using a Life Coach in all areas of life from business, to spirituality, to relationships, and much more. How can a Life Coach help you to be more successful?

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